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Some Grabner Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Artists

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Tzuying Huang, of the ST. Louis Symphony, plays Grabner bass clarinet and soprano clarinet mouthpieces.

Hi Walter!
Just a note to say THANK YOU!! for the two wonderful mouthpieces!
I love the way the play, and everything else about them.
Appreciate your time and expertise so very much.
Best wishes!!
Bev Butts
Principal Clarinet, Maryland Symphony Orchestra
Renowned clarinetist, educator, and composer James Sclater, has this to say about the Virtuoso mouthpiece:

"Just a note to say how much I am enjoying my new “Virtuoso” mouthpiece. I really feel it is the best mouthpiece I have played. Am so glad I got it. I think you have a winner on your hands with this new model."
James Sclater
ZolotoAmy Zoloto, bass clarinet with the New York Philharmonic, plays on a Grabner "Lawrie Bloom" bass clarinet mouthpiece.
Colin Honour, Principal Clarinet with Opera North, of Leeds, UK, plays the Virtuoso Bb/A and Bass clarinet mouthpiece.
Colin Honour

Frank Scalisi
,  Clarinetist with TM+ ensemble and co-principal clarinet in the garde republicaine orchestra in Paris, plays the CXZ_LB bass clarinet mouthpiece.


Meet Eric Jacobs, new Bass Clarinetist with the Seattle Symphony.


Eric Says -


"Grabner's "Lawrie Bloom" mouthpiece offers the total package for an orchestral bass clarinetist.  It creates response and projection while holding the sound in such a way that I feel secure and flexible in all registers of the horn.  A true craftsman!"




Clarinetist - Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society

Solo Clarinetist - Ensemble MidtVest, Denmark


Tommaso Lonquich plays a Grabner CXZ_K13*





Principal clarinet and frequent soloist with the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra, Victor Kulyk plays Grabner mouthpieces. He recently picked a new CXZ_G13*.


Phil Green, co-principal clarinet with the New Zealand Symphony performs on the new CXZ_G13* mouthpiece. When he plays bass clarinet he uses the CXZ_LB “Lawrie Bloom” bass clarinet mouthpiece.




Rachel Vernon, principal bass clarinet with the New Zealand Symphony. Plays the CXZ_LB “Lawrie Bloom, bass clarinet mouthpiece.


Robert Degennaro, “Dean of Colombian Clarinet Playing” and Professor of Clarinet at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, plays Grabner CXZ_K13* and CXZ_G13* mouthpieces. 






Sergio Reyes, Principal Clarinet of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Guatemala, now plays the new Grabner CXZ_G11* mouthpiece..


Sauro Berti, Clarinetto Basso of the  Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, international soloist and clinician, now plays Grabner bass clarinet mouthpieces.





John Kurokawa currently serves as the principal clarinetist of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, a position he has held since 1995. He plays the new CXZ_G11*.


Jim Nesbit, of the Virginia Symphony, plays the new CXZ_G11* mouthpiece.







Leonid Popov, principal clarinetist of the Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theatre (Ukraine). Prize winner at 2nd International Clarinet Competition.


“I would like to say you that your mouthpieces are best I have ever played. They have a beautiful tone and incredible variety of tonal shades.”


Plays CXZ_K14* mouthpiece.


Principal Clarinet, National Opera of Ukraine, Oleg Moroz, plays CXZ_K13e and CXZ_K14e Mouthpieces. Hear him on YouTube:







Norwegian clarinet virtuoso Roger Arne Vigulf  recently adopted the Grabner CXZ_K13* mouthpiece.


He says "(These are) very good for Mozart and Brahms.”


Richard Nunemaker – Bass Clarinet Emeritus of the Houston Symphony.


Richard Nunemaker plays the CXZ_LB “Lawrie Bloom” bass clarinet mouthpiece.

Richard is pictured right after a performance at ClarinetFest 2011.

To learn more about Mr. Nunemaker, please go to his website at:




József Tönköly, principal clarinetist of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra'.


József plays Grabner mouthpieces in the orchestra. His correspondence has inspired me to greater endeavors in mouthpiece design. He says, “The mouthpiece functions beautifully for orchestral work.”


Prominent U.K. clarinetist Kate McDermott is now co-principal with the Gothenburg Opera (GöteborgsOperan) in Sweden.


She plays on a Grabner CXZ_K11* (in fact, three players in the Opera now play K11*s).

Please visit her website and get to know this accomplished musician.









URAL Philharmonic Orchestra Clarinet Section uses Walter Grabner Mouthpieces


This is the clarinet section of the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, in Ekaterinburg, Russia. From left to right: Alexander Tihonov, Alexander Glazirin (principal), Youri Nechaev. All play Grabner mouthpieces!



Icelandic Symphony Orchestra Clarinet Section Uses All Walter Grabner Mouthpieces

This is a photo of the clarinet section of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. From left: Sigurdur Snorrason (Siggi), Runar Oskarsson and Einar Johannesson.

They all perform on Walter Grabner mouthpieces, including soprano, Eb soprano, bass clarinet, and basset horn mouthpieces.

I have had the pleasure of working and corresponding with these gentlemen for several years. Their input on my craftsmanship has truly helped me move my art to a higher level.




Patti Ferrell Carlson – Principal Emeritus, Virginia Symphony Orchestra


Patti has played Grabner mouthpieces in the Virginia Symphony for several years.


International Clarinet Virtuoso Ivan Stolbov.


Ivan has been Clarinet Soloist and section member with the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra since 1999. He is in great demand as a soloist and clinician worldwide.

Ivan plays Grabner CXZ_K13 and CXZ_K14* mouthpieces.




Mikko Raasakka – Internationally known bass clarinet virtuoso and recording artist.


Mikko and I met at ClarinetFest in Los Angeles, where I hand crafted him a custom Grabner bass clarinet mouthpiece. He has been using it in his many concert appearances worldwide.




Marci Gurnow – a member of the Jacksonville Symphony clarinet Section.


Marci plays the CXZ_LB bass clarinet mouthpiece.




Lyle Wong is the Clarinet/Bass Clarinet and Production Manager with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. He is also Utility Clarinet/Bass Clarinet with the Delaware Symphony Orchestra.


Lyle plays the CXZ_LB bass clarinet mouthpiece.




Beverly Gibson plays bass clarinet with the South Dakota Symphony and principal clarinet with the Northwest Iowa Symphony.  She teaches at Northwestern College and Dordt College. Beverly is also an artist clinician for Buffet.


Beverly plays the CXZ_LB bass clarinet mouthpiece and the CXZ_K13 soprano clarinet mouthpiece.







Vladislav Gorbich, clarinetist with the wonderful Kat Trio, plays Grabner mouthpieces.


"Lawrie Bloom" Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Lawrie Bloom, legendary bass clarinetist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and I have formed a partnership to manufacture and develop the best possible bass clarinet mouthpiece.

Made from a Zinner blank, this mouthpiece is the product of hundreds of hours of designing, prototyping, and testing over a period of 2 ½ years. 

This mouthpiece COMBINES legendary Zinner quality, the experience and artistry of Lawrie Bloom, one of the world’s great bass clarinetists, and my own craftsmanship, honed in the production of thousands of mouthpieces.

In the ten years since this mouthpiece has been introduced, it has made its way into professional orchestras the world over and been given high ratings by many of the world’s finest bass clarinet players.

Mr. Bloom plays the CXZ_LB bass clarinet mouthpiece in the Chicago Symphony.







Copyright: Walter Grabner, 2004