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Making Clarinet Reeds by Hand

"Making Clarinet Reeds by Hand" (c) ClarinetXpress is now available! This is my text, developed for the novice reed maker. With 28 pages of text, diagrams, and photos, it contains everything you need to know to begin making your own clarinet reeds. Also contains tips on adjusting commercial reeds. Topics covered include:

Why Learn to Make Clarinet Reeds?

Reed Cane

Tubes vs. Blanks

Blanks Suitable for Clarinet Reedmaking

Quality of the Cane

Tools Required for Reedmaking

Curing the Blanks

Measuring the Length of the Vamp

Removing the Bark

The First Cut

The Second Cut

The Third Cut

Blending Cuts

A Model Reed

Using the File to Finish Blending

Using the File to Thin the Tip

Sanding the Tip before Clipping

Clipping the Blank

Adjusting the Reed


Appendix - Sources of Tube Cane and Blanks


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Copyright: Walter Grabner, 2004