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The music you are hearing is Weber's Andante and Hungarian Rondo, arranged for bass clarinet and piano. The recording is from my recital at the University of Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium, 2006. I am performing using a Buffet 1193 bass clarinet, #4 Rico Grand Concert bass clarinet reeds, and a CXZ_LB "Lawrie Bloom" bass clarinet mouthpiece.

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World Class Handcrafted Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

I have played bass clarinet for 50 years. I played professionally in the Toledo Symphony for over ten years, and continue to perform on bass clarinet in recital and in “pick-up” orchestras in the Chicago area. I got to study with one of the “Grand Masters” of the bass clarinet, Alfred Zetzer, who played in the Cleveland Orchestra for his entire career.

I understand the requirements that composers place on today’s bass clarinetist.  My bass clarinet mouthpieces are played in professional groups of the highest quality in the U.S. and around the world.

Customer quote:

 “The last mouthpiece you sent me is magnificent.  That's all I can say. It's one of the best mouthpieces I've played on, either soprano or bass clarinet”




I have three models:


CXZ_LB “Lawrie Bloom” Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece


Lawrie Bloom, renowned bass clarinetist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and I have formed a joint venture, to produce what we believe to be the finest world’s finest bass clarinet mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece was in development for over 2 1/2 years period; with untold hours of design sessions, prototyping, and play testing. We went through four different mouthpiece blanks, and dozens of facings until we found what we were looking for.

This mouthpiece is now used in Mr. Bloom’s performances with the Chicago Symphony and in his solo and chamber music appearances.

It is made from a blank exclusively manufactured for us by Hans Zinner, GmbH &Co. 

This mouthpiece COMBINES legendary Zinner quality, the experience and artistry of Lawrie Bloom, one of the world’s great bass clarinetists, and my own craftsmanship, honed in the production of over 2000 mouthpieces.

It has been extensively tested in the field.  Heard in the Mexico City Philharmonic, the Phoenix Symphony, the Swedish Radio Orchestra, the Dayton (Ohio) Symphony and the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra to name a few.

Big Hit at ClarinetFest 2006!!!




“I have now been playing the new CXZ_LB Bass Clarinet mouthpiece in the CSO and in solo and chamber settings for about 6 months.  The sound is warm and the clarity is fantastic.  I have no problem finding reeds for this mouthpiece, and it's easy to find the real pitch center of a note.  There is a terrific ring in the sound, making it possible to cut through the orchestra when I need to, and a great warmth that blends well with the section.  I couldn't be happier with this mouthpiece, and the work Walter has put into it.” – J. Lawrie Bloom

For a more extensive description, by Mr. Bloom, of the development of this mouthpieces, click here.

This mouthpiece is specifically designed to address these problems:

·         Have you ever wondered why you can’t play the bass clarinet with the same ease as the soprano clarinet?

·         Why is articulation in the clarion register so difficult?

·         Have you tried to play “Daphnis” and felt, well, really bad?

It features:

·         Ease and control of tone production in the clarion and altissimo

·         Comfortable embouchure position

·         Utilizes Grand Concert, Vandoren , or Legere reeds, 3 1/2 or 4 strength.

·         Superb baffle profile for deep tone AND projection.

Have confidence that you can play easily and clearly in every register, with control like you have never had before This mouthpiece has a deep, rich sound, with projection that cuts through regardless of the dynamic. You can play at a whisper or push to the limit without distorting or loosing control.

Finally a bass clarinet mouthpiece that gives you the facility you have always wanted, but despaired of achieving!

Customer Quotes:

I have been playing on the mouthpiece for few days now. It is a masterpiece! I can’t believe my ears. It is the best mouthpiece I have ever tried. Very deep and dark sound, lot of power and also very easy to play soft.  It took just a while to get used to it and now I am the happiest bassclarinet player in town. Now I have three great bass clarinet mouthpieces (all Grabner) for every occasion.

Thank you very much for your great work, I hope to see you soon.

Runar Oskarsson, Bass Clarinet, Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Icelandic Opera Orchestra


I really like your mouthpieces (CXZ_LB). I tested yours against my Kaspar and yours holds its own………I received and tested a Henri Chedville bass mouthpiece and I played it for a couple of trusted ears. They like yours better; better harmonics, intonation, ease of playing.

Thanks Again,

Martin Arnold,  Clarinet and Bass Clarinet,  Mexico City Philharmonic
                        Author: Bass Clarinet Scale Book:


........Now I´m finally back in Stockholm after a wonderful week in Chicago and this last week I´ve been trying the bass mouthpieces (CXZ_LB) in my orchestra. A very pleasant experience for me and I´m very happy that I have these mouthpieces and the K14 clarinet mouthpiece in my possession.

 Matts Wallin – Solo bass clarinet, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.


Just wanted to let you know that I love the mouthpieces and would like to keep both of them…..

Steve Hanusofski, Assistant Principal and bass clarinet, The Phoenix Symphony



“My mouthpiece arrived today, just in time for me to take it home with me at lunchtime and try it out.  All I can say is - wow!  I love the quality of the tone I get with the new mouthpiece, but what amazes me most is how much more powerful my sound is, without feeling like I'm blowing my guts out.  Know what I mean?  If anything, I think I'm getting more sound with less exertion. My first chance to play it in an orchestra rehearsal will be next Thursday.  The conductor is always asking for "more bass clarinet," so I think this time he's going to get it!” D.H. Wayne, PA.


“The CXZ_LB mouthpiece arrived yesterday, and today has been spent going through the Bass Clarinet repertoire. The results have been wonderful. Thirty plus years and many mouthpieces later, my Leblanc 417 responds like I’ve always wanted. The tuning of the twelfths is dead on with excellent dynamic range response from low C throughout the altissimo register. The mouthpiece is very reed friendly with articulation being very easy and precise. The workmanship is impeccable plus the sound one expects from a Zinner blank brings one to a new level in playing the Bass Clarinet.”  M.P. Houston, TX

“Your mouthpiece (CXZ_LB) arrived yesterday and I tried it out right away after work. I put on the same reed I had been playing with the day before and gave it a try. Holy cow! I nearly fell off the stool with the sound produced by this mouthpiece. It gives such tremendous projection that I'll have to restrain myself when playing in my clarinet ensemble.” S.K.

“Bass Mouthpiece Serial # 3237 -Very focused, resonant, and beautiful tone, easy clear staccato, great for that septuplet run in the solo near the end of Rite of Spring! Free blowing, feels easy to change from soft to loud, and easy to keep tone quality when FFFF, throat register notes have improved clarity.” B.M.

Legere Reed Friendly:

 I had a customer come in recently with his Legere bass clarinet reeds and he tried several of my CXZ_LB mouthpieces. The results were simply amazing. It was all there: tone, response, articulation; everything. He went away with a new CXZ_LB and I learned a thing or two.

Bass clarinet mouthpieces are now available with ligatures and caps, the Rovner 3RL "Dark" model. The shopping cart contains buttons for mouthpieces alone, or with ligatures and caps.

Price is $400; $425 with Ligature and Cap, plus shipping and state sales tax, .

To order, see below.



The CX_BB_90


If you want to JAM on Bass Clarinet – Buy one of these!

Made  a high quality blank from from Zinner, the CX_BB_90 is a mouthpiece optimized for the musician who plays popular rather than classical repertoire. The facing is very comfortable for the saxophone player, and has a more open tip.

It’s great for Pop/Jazz/Klezmer!

I finish the mouthpiece so it has a somewhat “rougher” sound. It gives great projection with a real “jazz” sound.  The CX_BB_90 still offers that deep rich full sound and precise attack that categorize all my bass clarinet mouthpieces.  This IS NOT your stuffy old “Concert Band” mouthpiece, with a more open facing!

One facing – 1.85 to 1.90 Tip.

Legere Reed Friendly! Use a Number 2 1/2 or 3.

Customer Quote:

“I recently got a CX BB 90 from Walter and I concur,it is a revolution. It sings on either my plastic Selmer bass clarinet or my recently acquired King/Marigaux (SML). I find myself in loud electric situations at times and am experimenting with getting more air down the instrument. The CX_BB_90 buries my Selmer H, and the H has a much larger tip opening. Walter's chamber design is something else! “  B.H. 

Bass clarinet mouthpieces are now available with ligatures and caps, the Rovner 3RL "Dark" model. The shopping cart contains buttons for mouthpieces alone, or with ligatures and caps.

Price $350, plus shipping and state sales tax, $375 with ligature and cap.

To order, click here.



“High Quality, Affordable”

Now made from a ZINNER Blank, for even higher quality.

I spent two years developing this mouthpiece. I doing so, I conferred with several of the world’s best bass clarinetists. Using this specially designed mouthpiece you can play the hardest excerpts in the literature and do so with confidence.

·         Guaranteed “professional” facing – tip approx 1.80

·         Hand-profiled upper baffle – trade secret

·         Hand-tailored lower baffle profile – similar to mouthpieces from the “old masters”

·         Even, smooth, and polished tip rail and side rails – neglected in commercial mouthpieces

·         Correctly dimensioned windway – critical to tone production

·         Polished side walls – more power



       What does all this amount to?

It amounts to a mouthpiece with that dark, covered sound, yet with quick, lively response. One that plays low “C” at a whisper, yet can scream four octaves above.

Customer Quote:

“I received your bass clarinet mouthpiece yesterday.  What a difference!  Notes that were stuffy with my old mouthpiece now speak clearly and the improvement in response is amazing.  The "trial" period was over in less than 5 minutes; which is very unusual for me trying out mouthpieces.” D.H. Easton, PA

Bass clarinet mouthpieces are now available with ligatures and caps, the Rovner 3RL "Dark" model. The shopping cart contains buttons for mouthpieces alone, or with ligatures and caps.

Price  - NOT AVAILABLE, plus shipping and state sales tax, NOT AVAILABLE with Ligature and Cap.

  To order, click here.



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