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Grabner HiTech

Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece


With its larger chamber, and deeper baffle, this mouthpiece, has a warm, dark tone. It produces a very focused sound, yet also projects well and posseses very fast response. Less open than the S4M.

A long-time customer sent me a review of this mouthpiece. Click here to read it.

Here's another quote, from a long-time customer:

"Regarding the S4C, after an absence from playing for about two years I can't believe how easily I adapted to it, using my Buffet RCs (which were new in 1976) with a 3.75 Legere European cut reed. It pretty much plays itself and the tone is so focussed."

A 440.

Plays well with a Vandoren V12 3 1/2 .

Plays especially well with a Legere European Cut #4. The reed fits the facing perfectly (or vice versa). In fact, I added an option for you to order one with the mouthpiece.

The future is here

This mouthpiece was digitally designed and manufactured to the most precise technical standards. It has been hand-finished, adjusted, and play tested for optimal performance.

The S4C Mouthpiece is $225.00 each, $240.00 with Rovner 1R Ligature and Cap, or $330 with Legere European Cut Reed #4. Terms are the same - try one or more for a week, send back what you don't want to keep for a quick refund.


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Legere reed 


 S4C mouthpiece - $225.00


  S4C mouthpiece, with Rovner 1R  Ligature and Cap - $240.00 U.S.

  S4C mouthpiece, with Legere European Cut Reed #4 - $330.00 U.S.