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Clarinet Mouthpiece Materials

In the past two years, I have experimented with many different materials to make my mouthpieces,at least one hundred different colors, types, and formulations.

The material has to pass many tests.

First,  let me say that all materials have been approved as usuable for food preparation and storage.

The materials must be tough and rugged, it must have a lustrous appearance, and it must have a tonal quality that I find appealing. Yes, I do believe that difference materials can make substantive differences in mouthpieces, even when the design is the same.

These are the materials that I have settled on for now.

  • Black Velvet
  • Radiance  
  • Ivory

  • Black Velvet - The standard. This material has a deep, dark woody sound. For all purpose playing.
  • Radiance - Probably the best precision and focus, great depth of tone.
  • Ivory - Of course, not from endangered animal, but a beautiful resemblence to fine ivory. Mouthpieces made from this material are responsive and have the darkest, fullest tone.
  • Until further notice, all "Black Velvet"  orders will be filled using the black "ECO_TECH" material.




This material is neither rubber nor plastic, but a resin. It is fully FDA food approved, and contains no toxic chemicals. It is made solely from plant materials. It is completely renewable and does not cause pollution in its manufacture. The mouthpieces themselves, when you are done with them, are totally biodegradeable.

It turns out that this material has splendid acoustic properties, allowing a dark, focused sound devoid of buzzy or fuzzy tones. The projection is excellent. 

The mouthpieces are smooth and have a pleasant black matte finish. A white option will be made available if there is enough demand.