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Highland Park, IL 60035

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Grabner HiTech 

Introducing the Next World-Class Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece


  • New Design
  • New Process
  • New Materials
  • Great Results

Have you ever wanted a deeper, richer, fuller, smoother, and honestly, a less whiney sound on your bass clarinet? Yet, be able to play at the virtuoso level in all registers? Enjoy completely secure attacks in the clarion register?

Try this mouthpiece.

Articulation is flat out excellent.

Flexibility is greatly enhanced.

It plays great with a Vandoren V12 Bass Clarinet reed #3-1/2, or a Legere American Cut Tenor Sax Reed.

Introductory Price ...............................$310

Customer quote:

You sir, know how to make a mouthpiece 

This mouthpiece was digitally designed and manufactured to the most precise technical standards available. It has been voiced, adjusted, and play tested for optimal performance

Terms are the same - try one or more for a week, send back what you don't want to keep for a quick refund.

"I tried the new mouthpiece.  Wow, this is much more comfortable for me. It feels like it projects well, and seems pretty easy to focus the sound.  Nice job, my friend."

- Lawrie Bloom, Solo Bass Clarinet, Chicago Symphony, retired.

ECO Bass

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B4C Bass Clarinet mouthpiece - ECO_TECH Material 

Rovner 1R  Ligature and Cap

Legere Tenor Sax Reed #2.75

Legere Tenor Sax Reed #3.00

Legere Tenor Sax Reed #3.25