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Prototypes for sale  

I have been designing and manufacturing mouthpieces on my in-house printer farm all spring and summer. I have made over 100 mouthpieces. Some are finished products and have been sold, some I have kept for my own use. But, I also have a bunch of prototypes. Not all of them are totally polished and a few have cosmetic flaws, but the ones that I have kept are excellent mouthpieces with great tone, response, and intonation. It makes no sense for me to keep them, so I will be offering them for sale here, at highly reduced prices.


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I got some blue resin for my SLA 3D printer. This is the result - except I made eight of them. I used the S4M design. They play great, and they look, well, blue! Maybe you'd like to have one of them!

Translucent Blue

Excellent Bb Soprano clarinet mouthpiece, with a rich full tone, and very fast response, with precise intonation.

Price.........................................$150 each until they are gone forever!

There is a 2 week trial period, so don't worry about getting stuck with a mouthpiece that you don't really want.

  • Plays great!
  • Responds fast!
  • Tunes precisely!
  • Have fun!

Blue S4M

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 Blue S4M