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Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Lessons here in my Highland Park Studio

With over 20 years of experience teaching clarinet and bass clarinet, I have former students all over the U.S., playing professionally, teaching music, or enjoying music as adult amateurs.

I am currently accepting a few WELL QUALIFIED students at my home studio/workshop here in Highland Park.

Your level of accomplishment is not important. I enjoy teaching enthusiastic beginners, adults returning to the instrument, or middle and high school students seeking to improve their skills.

Currently, I have students from Highland Park High School, Deerfield High Schol, Lake Forest High School, Lake Forest Academy, Hersey High School and Edgewood Middle School. My son was a student at Highland Park High School, and I keep in touch with the music programs at the local schools.

My teaching values center on developing the whole musician. I believe a firm grounding in the technical basics lays the foundation for all future success. Tone, expression, and musicianship and technical growth are all developed.

My overall goal is to help my students develop a life-long love of music and the clarinet. It also doesn’t hurt to move up a few chairs in the clarinet section as a result of some good coaching and some directed practice!

I also believe that the student needs to hear the teacher play, both in lessons and performances, to help develop tonal concepts. I also maintain a library of recorded clarinet music that the student may borrow and learn from. 

Lessons are $35 for 30 minutes, $45 for 45 minutes, and $60 for 60 minute lessons.

If you are interested in lessons, please contact me.    

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