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Restored Clarinets and Saxophones for Sale

Matched Set of Buffet Toscas Bb and A

As played in the Chicago Symphony



In perfect condition. Top of the line horns.

Call or e-mail for price. 847-266-8644, grabnerwg@gmail.com

Buffet Basset A to low C

Also as used in the Chicago Symphony

Basset A

Bassett A

As you can see, like new condition! Great horn.

Call or e-mail for price. 847-266-8644, grabnerwg@gmail.com

Leblanc Symphonie Bb #8336

Completely Restored - Like New!

Leblanc Symphonie

Beautifully restored Leblanc Symphony model.

Completely overhauled with all new pads, and corks.
Beautifully grained wood cleaned and oiled.
Keys buffed and polished. No damage to plating.
Brand new Protec case.
 Great tone, response, and intonation.
 Excellent quality Noblet mouthpiece included.

Small crack in upper joint, which is nearly invisible. It has been permanently repaired with carbon fibre pins.


I sell clarinets on consignment

If you are interested in having your clarinet restored and sold on consignment, please contact me at walter@clarinetxpress.com with a description of the instrument you wish to sell.

My commission is 23% of the net sales amount. The net sales amount is the actual sales amount, less any selling expenses, including repair costs, which we would agree on in advance, and other possible also selling costs. When I receive your instrument, I will give you a receipt giving the approximate value of the instrument. However, I must have some leeway on price in order to negotiate with the buyer.