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What I know about Mouthpieces

Consists of a lecture and hands-on demonstration of mouthpiece design, measurements, and technology. Shows how I make mouthpieces . Includes an explanation and demonstration of how mouthpieces are measured and what the measurements mean. If time permits, a mouthpiece is refaced and tested.


  • Mouthpiece Acoustics
  • How Mouthpieces are measured
  • How mouthpieces are made
  • The Facing
  • The exterior of the mouthpiece
  • Interior of the Mouthpiece
  • Refacing
  • Live Demonstration

Ahora disponible en español! Lo que sé de boquillas!


At the National University of Colombia, demonstrating mouthpiece measurement techniques to the clarinet studio of Robert DeGennaro. We had a great time. What a talented group of students!

Seminars have been delivered at:

  • Heidelberg University
  • DePaul University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Universidad Nacional De Colombia
  • Conservatorio Nacional de Música - Guatemala (in Spanish)
  • Western Illinois University

 These seminars are available to University Clarinet Studios, Clarinet Conferences, or other Clarinet-interested groups.  If you have interest, please e-mail  Walter@clarinetxpress.com or call 847-266-8644.