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I have two seminars available:



What I know about Mouthpieces

Consists of a lecture and hands-on demonstration of mouthpiece design, measurements, and technology. Shows how I make mouthpieces . Includes an explanation and demonstration of how mouthpieces are measured and what the measurements mean. If time permits, a mouthpiece is refaced and tested.


  • Mouthpiece Acoustics
  • How Mouthpieces are measured
  • How mouthpieces are made
  • The Facing
  • The exterior of the mouthpiece
  • Interior of the Mouthpiece
  • Refacing
  • Live Demonstration

Ahora disponible en español! Lo que sé de boquillas!


At the National University of Colombia, demonstrating mouthpiece measurement techniques to the clarinet studio of Robert DeGennaro. We had a great time. What a talented group of students!



The Birth of a Mouthpiece

An in depth discussion of how a new mouthpiece is developed, from initial concept to actual production and introduction to the marketplace. The development of the “Lawrie Bloom” Bass Clarinet mouthpiece is used as an example.






Seminars have been delivered at:

  • Heidelberg University
  • DePaul University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Universidad Nacional De Colombia
  • Conservatorio Nacional de Música - Guatemala (in Spanish)
  • Western Illinois University

     These seminars are available to University Clarinet Studios, Clarinet Conferences, or other Clarinet-interested groups.  If you have interest, please e-mail  Walter@clarinetxpress.com or call 847-266-8644.