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Reviews of the new Grabner HiTech Mouthpieces!

Just got home from ClarinetFest, and tried my new mouthpiece.  Im very happy.  Based on my trial at the conference, I thought Id have some adjustment time in the altissimo register, but once I got here it plays fine.  While very close sounding to my old mouthpiece, I like it even more. It will become my primary mouthpiece and your previous one is now my backup.........Being a technologist, its satisfying to play on a printed mouthpiece too.  You grabnerwg@gmail.comreally got the application of the technology right.............Mike Graff

(Upon examing a shipment of S3M's and B1C's) Walter, these are great mouthpieces. You should sell every one!....J. Lawrie Bloom, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

My new Grabner basset horn mouthpiece is great!...........Amanda McCandless

OMG, my student just left my studio. Your mouthpiece (S3C) sounds wonderful! .............Sue Schwaegler

I just received your mouthpieces (B1C) , and tried them in the hall. They are REALLY GOOD!.....Tzuying Huang, St Louis Symphony.

Your bass clarinet mouthpiece (B1C) has transformed my upper altissimo. Thank you for your craftsmanship......Thomas Becker

I tried your new Eb soprano mouthpiece (E1C) and it was like a light was shining in the darkness. Nothing else came close. Thank you for your new design.

Walter's S3M-LE changed all that (belief that cane will always sound better than Legere). Whatever he did to make the S3M "Legere friendly" worked. It sounds better than any cane/MP combination I have tried before......Cesar Crusius

Your  mouthpiece (B1C) plays great.......Christine McDowell, prominent New York clarinetist, Broadway, Radio City.,

Thank you for the wonderful mouthpieces (S3C, B1C)...........John Temmerman, Chicago.

The mouthpiece (S2M) is simply magnificent......................
Rostislav Sazonov, Delaware

This mouthpiece (B1C) is exactly what I want!..................Anonymous

I received the mouthpiece today (B1C) and couldnt wait to try it out. Sounds great! Very responsive and a much better fit for me than the BD5 Ive been using. Thank you!...Bridget Barfnecht.

Reviews of Prior Zinner-based mouthpieces

Soprano Clarinet mouthpieces:

Hi Walter! I hope all is well. I just had a Lincoln Center concert last night, and as usual your G11* did a superb job in some quite extreme playing!  I don't know if you are in the habit of sharing concerts by Grabner artists... if you are, then here is the video from last night on the website of the Chamber Music Society:
Thommaso Lonquich.

Dear Walter, my name is Igor Armani. I am an italian clarinetist, I work as principal clarinet in the Schleswig-Holstein Symphony Orchestra in Flensburg (Germany) and from next season I will be Co-Principal Clarinetist in the Philharmonisches Orchester Kiel (ALso in Germany). I am a friend of Tommaso Lonquich, and I got from him a G13*. I am playing it enthusiastically since more then one mounth. I am so happy and just wanted you to know that one principal clarinetist more is playing your mouthpieces. Thank you and hope sometime I will be lucky to meet you. Best Regards, Igor

I am really enjoying the mouthpiece CXZ_G11* #8305!  I like the uniformity of the sound throughout all the registers and the articulation is quite good. I feel like I am producing a larger, darker sound --but still have the flexibility to play soft and delicate passages with ease as well.   I also appreciate that the pitch is a little lower than my previous mouthpiece!  I have been using Vandoren Blue Box 3.5's and have been having good luck finding and adjusting reeds. Tony Costa, Professor of Clarinet, Penn State University
Hi, the CXZ_G13* arrived yesterday- It is absolutely terrific, thanks again for your craftsmanship!
All the best, Philip Green, Co Principal Clarinet, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.
I received the CXZ_G11* several days ago, and have really put it through its paces. I think it might be the best mouthpiece I have ever played on. William Thomas, Virginia Symphony Orchestra.
I received the mouthpiece yesterday (CXZ_K13*). I tested it today, and my friend Gyuri tested it too. The mouthpiece is very good, thank you!  With best wishes:  Jozsef Tonkoly, Principal Clarinet Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra.
Thanks for the mouthpieces you sent me. I like the CXZ_K13* a lot. They have an incredible blend of darkness and clarity and speak so well in the high register, and I also like how even and focused the sound is. I played on the CXZ_K13*  in a concert with the Icelandic Symphony on the same day i got it. Armann Helgason, Iceland.
(Just) some words to tell you the pleasure I have to play your CXZ_K14 and the Lawrie Bloom bass clarinet mouthpiece ….. (they are ) very good and i can now cover all situations with my two Grabner's. Many colleagues are interested about your products. Thank you again for your great work. Francois Dutreuil, Bass Clarinet,  Philharmonic Orchestra, Nice
Just a note to tell you that the CXZ_K13* has arrived. I am back from the holidays and trying (it out). I think this must be the best mouthpiece I ever had. Although the lay is shorter in comparison the mp's I played all those years, it gives a wonderful dark big sound. Fons Klesman, Solo Clarinet, Royal Dutch Marine Band.
The four mouthpieces you sent me are serving me excellently - all four of them! Each has its own character which I like a lot. Depends on the accoustics where I'm playing, which one I use. Einar Johannesson, Principal Clarinet, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Icelandic Opera Orchestra.
The proud owner of the CXZ_K13e is our brilliant young first clarinetist, Oleg Moroz, Principal Clarinet, National Opera of Ukraine.
and yes I am using the K14 in KSO and it is working out well. I played the Mozart concerto twice with this mouthpiece and have had a lot of great feedback. The mouthpiece for the C clarinet is also excellent  Carmen Gassi, Principal Clarinet, Kindred Spirits Orchestra
Thank you! Great products (CXZ_K11*)!!  Dana Hotle, Principal Clarinet, Illinois Symphony
The clarinet section of Ural Philharmonic Orchestra (Russia) is now equipped with Grabner mouthpieces!!” Alexander Glazirin, Principal Clarinet, Ural Philharmonic Orchestra.
The K13 is very good, I'm using it for now in the Orchestra. It fits me very well. Gyorgy Salamon, Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra.
"Walter, the K13* and the LB bass clarinet piece are excellent. They're both getting a workout at the Stratford Festival this season. I'm using the K13* on 42nd Street and Pirates of Penzance, which is quite a testament to its versatility! I also used it to record incidental music for Henry V and for Christopher Plummer's one man show, A Word or Two, with great results." - Merlin Williams, freelance doubler/Stratford Shakespeare Festival Orchestra
"Easily the best mouthpiece (CXZ_K11*) I have ever played."  Garrett Martin, Royal Hawaiian Band.
Walter, I received the K-13e mouthpiece and Muncy barrels yesterday, and, I must say, I am very delighted. The mouthpiece, except for the higher pitch, is almost identical to the K-13*and plays equally well. I have all the leeway I need now with both the A and B flat clarinets. The barrels are beautifully made and sound excellent…….Thanks for your wonderful service and work. Ken Latchis.
The mouthpieces were excellent (CXZ_K11*). Between the two, it seemed one was more resistant and covered, the other was a little freer and had a bit more ring. Both had beautiful sounds- I ended up picking the one with a bit more ring and ease of response- it felt a bit more comfortable to me and has a wonderful shape to the sound. John Kurosawa, Principal Clarinet, The Dayton Symphony
I just finished a long recording session, and I wanted to tell you that I selected your CXZ_K13 mouthpiece as my new number one mouthpiece. It did everything I needed it to do, fast articulation, soft delicate passages at full tone in loud passages.  Christopher King, Ulster Symphony Orchestra, Ireland.
The K13 is working beautifully for me. Playing Mahler 5 in the New Haven Symphony this week, and it sounds great. Andy Grenci, CT. - Coast Guard Band, New Haven Symphony
The mouthpiece has appeared as though is made for me! Moderately free blowing, possibility to play piano in any register.. magnificent legato between octaves.. thus (my) lips feel absolutely freely and aren't tired. There was no accustoming; at once it is very convenient to play. Once again many thanks.” Igor Balobolka Novosibirsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Orchestra.
I am clarinet soloist of Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg. I play your mouthpiece (CXZ_K13) for more than 6 years. I like it very much and have until now tried nothing (I liked) better. I will be at Clarinetfest in LA,... I would be very glad to get acquainted with You and try some of your mouthpieces. My students need good mouthpieces badly and also I need a second mouthpiece. Ivan Stoblov, Principal Clarinet Mariinsky Theater Orchestra (Kirov Ballet Orchestra.)
The mouthpiece (CXZ_AW_PERS) arrived this morning. It's really a masterwork! Many, many thanks, wish you all the best! Giorgio Berrugi, Opera Star and Clarinetist
"The Grabner mouthpieces have been especially well received by our customers at Howarth of London for the past few years, particularly the K11* and 13* models that have recently become our one of our most highly recommended bespoke mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are beautifully hand crafted and as a result very responsive and provide clarinettists with an excellent tonal centre and flexibility of sound. Grabner mouthpieces are consistently responsive across the full range of clarinets from E flat to contrabass with the Bloom bass clarinet model achieving great popularity amongst many professionals." Howarth of London
Still very happy with the mouthpieces that I see from you for my students. When my students can afford a "Grabner", I prefer them over even the best of the Vandoren mouthpieces. David Niethamer, Richmond, VA
I am happy to let you know that I have been playing one of your K13* mouthpieces for the last few months, and it has been a very good musical experience. I also appreciate your great work on the Bloom bass clarinet mouthpiece, which I have been playing with great pleasure for a few months now. Tommaso Lonquich, Danish recording artist
I will be keeping the K14 you just sent me.  Perfect for jazz and the K11 I just bought meets all my needs for classical.  It is a pleasure to play on both mps and my tone has improved considersably.  Awesome work sece to two (competitors name deleted) mouthpieces that I have. While these are excellent mouthpieces, yours is better in my opinion. It plays a little darker and holds the tone better. I can decrescendo to ppp and it holds the tone all the way down. Wide dynamics also show that your mouthpiece holds the tuning better without going flat or sharp. Better stability D.B., CA.
I've been playing this mouthpiece for about six weeks now, and I'm very happy with it. It responds very evenly throughout the tonal and dynamic ranges, and response in the altissimo register is rock solid and predictable. Every note on the instrument is "there"; no fussing with my embouchure to compensate for quirks in the mouthpiece. B.M., VA.
Your Jazz mouthpiece, turned out to be fantastic!!! It really produced the tone that we Greeks like! My brother who plays laouto in my Greek band happened to come by and I played it for him. He also said it was great. I like it so much that I ordered another one for "just in case" if you know what I mean. J.P., CA
I'm definitely buying one if not both of the mouthpieces that I received.  I started testing your mouthpiece on Saturday and it has been kind of an eye opener to me. I have really been able to hear and feel the differences between the two mouthpieces (Deleted) and yours.  The biggest difference has been that your mouthpiece has the ring that I have been missing with the (Deleted) mouthpiece. Dynamically it is also much better because of the balance between the volume of air and the resistance of the mouthpiece.  I felt that with the other mouthpiece that I couldn't get to that resistance point regardless of how much air I put through. I don't think that I could have selected a better mouthpiece for what I have been using.  It's the best that I have played (and I think better) than the James Kanter that I was using when I lived in Virginia. R.G. VA
Eb Clarinet mouthpieces:

Dear Mr Grabner:
I received my eflat clarinet mouthpiece and ligature a few weeks ago here in South Africa. Thank you for sending it through so quickly. I'm very happy with it and am so glad I invested in one of your mouthpieces! The sound is round and resonant and the intonation excellent! Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship and quick responce to my mails. I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future. Annelise de Villiers, Capetown Philharmonic Orchestra

Hi Walter. Just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I'm enjoying the Eb mouthpiece I got from you at the clarinet convention. I've done several gigs with it and am still amazed every time I pick up the instrument. It's a whole new ballgame! Thanks again. Mark Margolies, San Diego.
The (mouthpiece) I kept has a much better sound than any other Eb mouthpiece I've tried…….I actually just played a Molter concerto on my recital a few days ago, and Dr. Verdehr said that the most impressive thing about the recital was the sound that I was able to get out of the D clarinet.” J.K, MI.

This has been one of the best mpcs I've played. Response is exceptional, as is the timbre across all the registers. Nice projection; plenty of room for pp to fff. B.M., VA.

I love the mouthpiece (eb clarinet) you made. Andy, CA.
Alto Clarinet Mouthpieces:
I received the alto mouthpiece today. It's clearly the best mouthpiece I've ever had for this instrument. I do jazz improv on the alto and I'm very comfortable on it, but this mothpiece delivers an obvious improvement in timbre. The altissimo is particularly thick and rich, much less shrill than on my previous mouthpieces (Selmer C*, 5RV, and Pomarico crystal). R.S. Ottawa Canada
Just wanted to let you know that I received the alto clarinet mouthpiece. I've been playing it off and on for the last couple of days and it is truly remarkable. It really opens up the horn (Selmer). I noticed a great improvement especially in the throat tones and in the upper registers. The tone is so much more consistent over the full range of the instrument. I've had to make some adjustments to my embouchure for this particular facing but it's such a pleasure to hear the positive results.Well done! I'm keeping it! K.F., CA  
Walter; The mouthpiece arrived today and is a definite "keeper".  While waiting for it to arrive I had picked up a couple others to experiment with - 1 hand made and a couple "name" brands.  Yours "leaves the others in the dust" and was definitely worth the wait.  Will definitely be ordering a couple more from you in the near future (soprano and bass clarinet).  Many thanks.  Cheers.  Paul Mimlitsch, CO.
Eb and  Bb Contra Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces:
"Walter, thank you for the incredible contra alto mouthpiece. It will make my job of frightening children and small animals much easier. I play your mouthpieces on all the low horns, and they're all incredible." Dickson Grimes
Walter, I put the Bb contra piece through 2 hours of rehearsal last night and it did not disappoint. As you know, playing the beast requires confidence in the equipment and this mouthpiece inspires tons of it. It allows me to do whatever I need to do and more. Chalumeau is rich to the core, but the best part is playing in the clarion range, the sound doesn't thin out, it still thick, substantial, and sounds like a contra! Overall the best contra piece I have ever played on, and I have played many! My Leblanc 340 never sounded so alive. Good stuff W.W., Vancouver
I got the mouthpiece today. I love it! I'm very impressed with your work. Your mouthpiece brings my Contra Alto to life. James Love, Texas.
Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces:

Hi Walter! Yes, I am playing it and it is great! I have tried mouthpieces which have either good intonation or good articulation or good response or good sound but with your mpc I can have them all! Last month I recorded a new solo piece with it. I still use sometimes selmer F for hard core contemporary pieces because some new techniques are easier with a very open mpc. But your mpc is my choice for everything else. I have put a link to your site in my website. All the best! Mikko Raasakka, Finnish clarinet virtuoso.

I played with the Houston Symphony for 41 years as bass clarinetist, clarinetist, and saxophonist. In 1967 Frank Kaspar, the maestro himself made me five bass clarinet mouthpieces. Four of which have never left the original wrappers. I have played on and loved the same Kaspar mouthpiece for 45 years. Today I retired that gem of a mouthpiece. I have a new love affair. A Walter Grabner LB bass clarinet mouthpiece. At age 70 I am moving onward and upward. Thanks for a great mouthpiece Walter. It does everything I need it to do. I am looking forward to putting it through it's paces over the next 70 years.Richard Nunemaker, Bass Clarinet, Houston Symphony (Retired)
Dear Walter – Many thanks for your work on the mouthpieces .They are terrific! Oliver Green, The Detroit Symphony (retired)

Walter, The bass clarinet mouthpiece you sent via Lawrie works great! You should sell a lot of these” Larry Combs,  Chicago Symphony (retired)

Walter, I am still proudly playing your mouthpiece in the Symphony. Nothing better has come along. Lyle Wong, Bass Clarinet, Arkansas Symphony

I played a concert at the Tetons on your bass mouthpiece (CXZ_LB) and it went well. Michael Wayne, Boston Symphony

.. I'm enjoying the mouthpiece (CXZ_LB) a lot.  I've tried some Grand Concert 4s, but still find the Vandorens work best for me.  It is starting to feel very comfortable.  I haven't done any solo work on it yet - only band stuff, but some of it very sensitive.  The results are great. Andy Grenci - Coast Guard Band, New Haven Symphony.

Hi Walter - I have been playing on the bass clarinet mouthpiece (CX_BB_PERS) for few days, and I have to say that first impression is very positive. I both played in the Icelandic opera (Tosca) and also in a concert with the Icelandic symphony orchestra. My collegues did notice a positive difference and I played with lot of pleasure. It has enough power, but the best thing is how soft I can play on it without losing focus or quality in sound. Runar Oskarsson, The Icelandic Opera and The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra.

Since 2006, I have been using your CXZ_LB Lawrie Bloom” mouthpiece in the orchestra with excellent results. Mats Wallin - Swedish Radio Orchestra.

I just won the 2nd/bass clarinet for the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra in Japan. Your bass mouthpiece (CXZ_LB) did great job in the audition. Thanks so much! Kei Funagama, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra

"I'm back to bass now and actually had a chance to play your mouthpiece (CXZ_LB) in rehearsal and really like it.  There is a real presence in the sound and clarity with the articulation." Carol Robe – Eugene Symphony.

Mr. Grabner, I have been playing the CXZ_LB mouthpiece that you sold me for several days now. It has performed fantastically in rehearsals and practice, and is every bit as advertised. In fact, colleagues noticed the difference right away. Playing the bass clarinet has never been as effortless ... I can now concentrate solely upon playing the music and not upon *how* to play the music. Thank you for a great product and great service.  Dale McDonald - Bass clarinetist, New England Wind Symphony, Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra

"Spent 2 nights extensively with the CXZ_LB bass piece on my both vintage Kohlert and Buffet Prestige, wow, what a great playing mouthpiece!  Attack on the altissimo C#, D, and Eb is clean and crisp, and legato is beautiful.  Upward and downward scales is a pleasure to do and hear.  Also powerful smooth sound down to low C.  Very even tone, and play fff without much effort.  I had no problem with the shallow beak, my embouchure took to it very well. W.W. Vancouver

"Oh my God!  What a fantastic mouthpiece (CXZ_LB)!  I can't believe that it solved so many of my tone problems.  I didn't think that you could make a mouthpiece better than your personal mouthpiece that I already have but you have. Thanks for such wonderful sounds from both my bass and Bb clarinets." L.W.

The CXZ_LB mouthpiece arrived yesterday and today has been spent going through the Bass Clarinet repertoire. The results have been wonderful. Thirty plus years and many mouthpieces later, my Leblanc 417 responds like I’ve always wanted. The tuning of the twelfths is dead on with excellent dynamic range response from low C throughout the altissimo register. The mouthpiece is very reed friendly with articulation being very easy and precise. The workmanship is impeccable plus the sound one expects from a Zinner blank brings one to a new level in playing the Bass Clarinet. M.P. Houston, TX

The mouthpiece is so eminently wonderful.  It changed trying to corral a wild beast of a bass clarinet into a terrific relationship.  It's such a superior mouthpiece.

Your mouthpiece is wonderful, it made the bass clarinet (an old but just overhauled LeBlanc) so eminently playable.  Without your mouthpiece, my attempt to play the bass clarinet would have been a total disaster.

The bass clarinet mouthpiece was waiting for me when I got home from work.  I managed to restrain myself from trying it until I had eaten, but only just :-) First impressions: I think I can get a much bigger dynamic range than I could with the old mouthpiece  Also, I never could reliably start a phrase on G or A above the stave, and those notes had no volume, but with your mouthpiece they're no trouble at all.  I think articulation is a little crisper too. All in all, the differences are subtle, but nevertheless great

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the CX_BB_PERS Bass Clarinet mouthpiece I recently bought from you. I'm using it with Legere 3 1/2 reeds and a Vandoren Optimum ligature. It's easy to play, good pitch, good tone and clean articulation. It gives me the sound I've been looking for quite some time. I'll be using it in a show I start rehearsing for next week and can't wait to use it.

I received the mouthpiece today and it has worked out great. I'm getting a beautiful, even tone. The best part is, I can now hit the high C right on the money without a squeak. Thanks so much!” T. A.,Red Bank NJ  
Holy smokes! Wow! I guess you can tell I got your mouthpiece (CX_BB_PERS) today. Articulation response is astonishing! No more having to anticipate when low notes will speak. Thank you so much! Very easy to play, wonderfully in tune. The clarion is a whole new instrument. The altissimo booms. Well worth it. D.A. Glouster, MA

Anyway...I was playing bass and was getting compliments right and left on my sound. It just resonated so beautifully in that magnificent hall! I do love this mouthpiece!! D.B. Los Angeles, CA

Wow! You are truly a master! I've played it (CXZ_LB) a number of times now, and this is a wonderful mouthpiece. i could go on and on, but suffice it to say this is a key in my development. While the chalumeau is certainly impressive, my biggest surprise was being able to play so easily in altissimo (and very softly at that). You won't be getting this one back G.H. FL

Don't get hung up on Vandoren. there are others that are much better. I use a Walter Grabner CX_BB_PERS and it's FANTASTIC! He's a professional bass clarinet player and a master mouthpiece maker. Gordon , Canada

When I received my bass clarinet mouthpiece, you asked that I let you know what I thought of it...and...I absolutely LOVE playing on it. I feel much more secure going above the staff and the overall tone on my instrument (a Yamaha ycl-221) has improved tremendously. My stand partner even commented on how I sounded when I was finally back playing in the bass section. The tone is smooth at all dynamic levels. Going over the break is much easier. Every note just falls into place effortlessly now! I love it! To sum my review in a few words - Centered, smooth, AWESOME! Pat, Arizona.

I'm absolutely delighted with the mouthpiece, it's great. Paul Roe, Concorde Contemporary Ensemble, Dublin, Ireland

I just received your mouthpiece (CXZ_LB) ......(it) is just perfect,(with a) smooth, mellow clarinet sound, wonderful control, and plays just as freely in low notes as well the high. It fits my style of playing, and with my embouchure it fits me perfectly. Thank you very much. R.W.
Basset Horn Mouthpiece:

Your basset horn mouthpiece arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. I had a Mozart Requiem rehearsal that evening and brought the mouthpiece to try out in the hallit sounded amazing from the first note! The evenness of response and depth of tone across the compass of the instrument is incredible and I find that Im using my air much more efficiently than with other basset setups Ive used in the past. Tuning and projection are wonderful. Its very flexible as wellIve just been practicing some Stockhausen basset horn pieces and find that the mouthpiece can handle everything I ask of it! Really very excellent work; I will recommend this mouthpiece to other basset horn players I know. L.H.

 I just received the alto clarinet mouthpiece in the mail last week that you refaced for me.  You did make a substantial improvement in the mouthpiece.  It does play much more easily and consistently now. S. M. Wisconsin

(I) just recommended your work and mouthpieces to some students today and hope they will contact you in the future...such excellent work is rare in an age of rushing and  low quality....refacing is not such an easy thing to do on an old mouthpiece..David Dow, Principal Clarinet, Symphony New Brunswick, Canada.