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Walter Grabner 

Clarinet Choir Arrangements

In the past year, I have been doing something that I have contemplated for quite awhile. I got out my copy of Finale and produced a series of arrangements for clarinet choir. Why did I do this? Well, ideas were just buzzing around in my head, and I finally had to commit them to paper.

You will find that several of these feature the bass clarinet. Why is that? Well, there are many great bass clarinet players these days, and we really need to give them better, more challenging, and musically satisfying music.

Here is a listing of the arrangements that are available.

Oblivion -

This is a simple, beautiful song by Astor Piazolla. It features a duet of bass clarinets vying for the melody, finally joing together with some lively counterpoint.  

Libertango -

Often viewed as one of Piazolla's leading masterpieces, this is a racous, intense piece showcasing layers of music superposed over each other. In this piece, I composed a slow, tense introduction, drawn from motifs in the piece and featuring combinations of tone colors available in the clarinet choir. The main body of the piece is pure Piazolla - wild, intense, and captivating. A perfect concert finale piece, it features all members of the ensemble. 

Tico Tico -

A rollicking rendition of this familiar piece. Features a trio of bass clarinets in the next to final section. Where else can you hear that?

Waltz #2 - 

            A haunting and unforgetable melody from Shostakovich. It features an optional alto sax solo.

The History of the Tango, Cafe 1930 - 

Piazolla's masterpiece. This arrangement is cast as a solo showpiece for the bass clarinet.. Medium dificulty. There are two versions available. One is for bass clainet and clarinet choir, the second version has an expanded instrumentation, adding flutes, oboes and, bassoons. Very lush, deep, and poignant.

Mr. Grabner is available to appear as soloist for this piece.

Other works are in progress. Check this space for new additions. 

Here's the good news. At this time, the score and parts for each piece, in PDF format, are available for your clarinet choir at no cost. Just contact me by e-mail, grabnerwg@gmail.com, or call 847-266-8644 and we can discuss.