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International Orders

I ship my products all over the world. I have satisfied customers in 57 countries, including Mexico, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Iceland, Latvia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand, Romania, and Australia, etc.




Many companies charge extra fees for international processing. I do not. I want people all over the world to be able to enjoy my products.


My default shipping method for mouthpieces is United States Postal Service (USPS) Air Mail.


I charge $15.00 U.S. for U.S. Air Mail shipping anywhere in the world. Most of my international customers find this satisfactory.


Many people ask - What is the tracking number? For USPS Air Mail, there is no tracking number or ability to track the package.


I have lost only one package in twelve years of international shipping. However, it can be frustrating to wait, especially if your country has customs officials who take a lot of time.


If you need a tracking number and tracking visibility, I use FedEx or DHL.


This is expensive (generally $80 to $100 US, for a small package, depending on your location), but is fast and safe.


Please E-mail me before making the purchase if you want your package sent by FedEx, and I will look up the price.




Shopping Cart

Most of my international customers use the shopping cart software linked to the pages that describe mouthpieces or barrels. The shopping cart software can accommodate PayPal payments, or payments using Master Card, Visa, or Discover. ClarinetXpress no longer takes American Express credit card payments.


For those that use it, the shopping cart software works extremely well. It takes care of the currency conversion and makes the payment process quick, easy, and painless. .


Western Union


Others who cannot use the shopping cart software have successfully used Western Union. Western Union allows you to send a Western Union Money Transfer. 


To send a Western Union Money Transfer all you need is my address and telephone number, which are listed above.


You make the payment at a Western Union office and send me an E-mail with an “access code.”  With that access code and your name and address, I can easily pick up the payment. In some countries, you can make your payment online.


A week to ten days later a mouthpiece or another of my products  shows up in your mail!


American Express MoneyGram

American Express has a similar program called  MoneyGram




Customs rules and regulations vary all over the world. I ship to 57 different countries, and I do not know all the regulations in each country. Sometimes there are additional charges, fees, or duties levied by your Customs Office. Please be aware that I have no control over the activities of the Customs officials around the world.


In a very few cases, there have been some significant delays caused by Customs. Again, I have no control over this. Canada and Germany, for example, are very slow.


Sometimes people ask me to fill out customs forms with a lower value than actual value to avoid duties. Please do not ask me to do that. Not only does it cause an ethical dilemma, if the package is lost, insurance would not cover the loss. 


If you have any questions please send an e-mail to: walter@clarinetxpress.com