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Jazz/Klezmer Mouthpiece


If you want a mouthpiece that can open up and play jazz or Klezmer, you should try the CXZ_K14!

The CXZ_K14 is a free-blowing mouthpiece with a broad, singing sound. It works great for jazz, klezmer, and other popular styles. 

With the most open tip of any of my mouthpieces, lips slurs and glisses are easy.

It really projects, and the facing is very comfortable for doublers!

This mouthpiece has multiple personalities. Put a #3 or softer reed on and you can play loud and brassy, with your tone soaring above the band (and play all night, with its embouchure-friendly facing).  Put a #3 ˝ on and you can play Mozart or Mendelssohn with the Symphony. 

I wish I had had one of these back in the days when I played shows and doubled on sax, clarinet, flute and oboe.

Customer quotes –

“Bought my (Jazz) mouthpiece  at Howarths Of London! Wonderful! Unbelievable what a difference it makes. I have only been playing for three years so when I read all the comments from your other customers I can't match their fancy descriptions. Needless to say that your mouthpiece brings poetry to my playing.”

The CXZ_K14 on my Yamaha CX gives me an amazing amount of freedom with tone color; I’m now using the combination for jazz” 

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