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1st Chair

NOTICE: I am currently out of stock on these mouthpieces. Please check back in a few weeks. I promise I will have a new supply!

For the student who excels


Designed specifically for the intermediate to advanced student

Manufactured to the highest quality

Inspected and hand finished


Provides superb intonation, A = 440 pitch

Produces a full, rich, mature tone

Builds good embouchure habits

Provides ultra fast response for correct tonguing

Optimized for Vandoren 3 ˝ strength reeds.

Finally, a high quality mouthpiece for the emerging student. Not a mouthpiece that goes from the facing machine to final packaging, but one that is inspected, play tested, and hand-finished. Designed for the most popular reeds, and is very embouchure and reed friendly.  Ready to play the Mozart and Weber Concertos and any of the Rose etudes at the very highest standard.

“1st Chair” - Do you want to excel?

Price $68.00

With Rovner Ligature and Cap $88.00

Want to try one? Send your payment, plus $7 for shipping in the U.S. (USPS Priority Mail) or $15 for international shipping. Illinois residents must add 8% for Illinois State Sales Tax. Upon receiving your payment, I will mail ONE mouthpiece for you to try. If you want to try multiple mouthpieces, send a payment for each. Make your check or money order payable to “Walter Grabner”. Address is above.

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There is NO RISK. If you do not like the mouthpiece, send it back for a full refund, less your shipping charges and $5 for sterilization and restocking.

I do ask that “trial” mouthpieces be returned, in their original packaging, within 10 days of receipt.

Please make sure that you do not mark, mar, scratch, or otherwise damage the mouthpiece, as a damaged mouthpiece cannot be returned for refund or credit.

opyright: Walter Grabner, 2004