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Hand-Crafted BBb Contra  Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Attention: These are all sold out. Watch this space to see if more come available.

A professional quality, hand-crafted mouthpiece for the BBb Contra Bass clarinet player.


Made from a mouthpiece blank from Zinner, this is very possibly the world’s BEST BBb Contra bass clarinet mouthpiece. Every single CX_BBCN mouthpiece is guaranteed to be “in spec”.

I play test every one of them. 

Very Legere’ friendly:

Many customers report a very high degree of success using Legere reeds on contrabass - and with this mouthpiece.

Customer quotes:

"I have just safely received my Contrabass mouthpiece, and I am very pleased with it"-David Fuest, British recording artist.

     “I’ve just purchased a Walter Grabner Contrabass
mouthpiece, and it is without a doubt the best
contrabass mouthpiece I’ve ever tried. This thing is
amazing! I can finally play this instrument
comfortably - from a whisper quiet low C, to high
notes that actually sound... beautiful! it brings an
evenness and security I never thought possible, with a
rich mellow tone - even when "letting it rip" and
rattling the windows. Articulation is also a breeze,
crisp, clean and consistent. I cant speak highly enough of it – congratulations. Walter, this is a work of art.” P.E. Australia

    “Sold.  I hope you weren't expecting it back.”







  1. Beautiful warm, dark tone
  2. Responsive
  3. Free blowing
  4. Excellent projection
  5. Great intonation







Contra bass mouthpieces can now be purchased with a ligature and cap. The ligature is the Rovner 4RL “Dark” Ligature. If need a ligature and cap select the option that says Mouthpiece plus Rovner Dark Ligature

Price $400, plus shipping and IL State Tax if IL resident. Price $425 with ligature and cap.

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To pay using a credit card, you may call me direct at 847-266-8644.


opyright: Walter Grabner, 2004