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Email from a long-time customer - 

Walter, you've outdone yourself.

This S2C is amazing!  I think you really are onto something here. I  knew within seconds it was special. It's a wonderful match for me, and that's never happened before among hundreds of mouthpieces, even with your older pieces.

I've never played anything quite like it - effortless in all the right areas, yet it accepts all the air one can muster without spreading or closing up.The dynamic contrast is just wild. I can now play whisper soft with a centered tone, no extra embouchure pressure in any register, and zero reed noise.

It's kind of freaking me out how clear and penetrating the pianissimos are. And yet it plays a fortissimo with the most balanced spectrum of sound I've ever been able to produce! There's a ton of warmth, but a fantastic brilliance surrounding that full, dark center.

And the legato! The interval leaps! I went through Copland, Debussy, Mozart, Nielsen, Italian operas, Bach transcripts, and some jazz licks, and I've never felt more secure or flexible. 

I wouldn't believe it if I didn't record myself, but in one day I've been able to accomplish things I thought I may never be able to, so thank you Walter for a great mouthpiece and letting us all enjoy music that much more!

~ Garrett Martin, Royal Hawaiian Band