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New Basset Horn Mouthpiece

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Hand-Crafted Alto Clarinet and Basset Horn Mouthpieces

I still have Zinner blanks for both alto clarinet and basset horn. The supply is limited, so do not delay!

Why a new Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece?

Face it, most alto clarinet mouthpieces were made for beginners, or the “weak, less accomplished” player.  Even a decent alto clarinet mouthpiece favors the low register at the expense of the clarion register. This limits the efforts of the serious player.

I designed this mouthpiece to replace these poor mouthpieces, for the player who wants to get more out of their alto clarinet playing.

Made from a mouthpiece blank from Zinner, this is very possibly the world’s BEST alto clarinet mouthpiece.

Unlike so many “stock” mouthpieces, EVERY SINGLE CX_BA mouthpiece is GUARANTEED to be “in spec”

I play test every one of them.


CXZ_BH  Basset Horn Mouthpiece:

I have a new Basset Horn Mouthpiece. It was developed in conjunction with Lawrie Bloom, of the Chicago Symphony. Call or write for more information.

Developed for the Buffet RC Prestige Basset Horn. Also works well on most large bore Selmer and Leblanc models.

Price - $325, $350 with ligature and cap.


Customer quote:

It happened again!  The Grabner alto clarinet mouthpiece came in today's mail [about 45 minutes ago], and it sounds spectacular.  Barb is playing it while I write this message.  She's ripping through all kinds of her music, and can hardly believe it's her sound.  The mouthpiece responds for her on the alto in much the same way as mine (Grabner CX_BS) on bass -- consistency among registers, a rock-solid sound, no squeaks.  She didn't even take any time to adjust to the new mouthpiece--amazing. 


She and I both are using Legere reeds and BG ligatures, and the response and feel are most astounding.  We're both finding the same response as many of the customer comments on your website--fluency and consistency through all registers, enhanced articulation, a wonderfully full, woody sound, amazing consistency at all dynamic levels. Obviously, we're keeping this alto clarinet mouthpiece!  -- John G., Michigan

Another Customer Quote:

Your alto mouthpiece arrived last Thursday, and I have been experimenting the last few days. First off, it plays like a dream, with equal resistance through the range of
the instrument (no more stuffy B and C over the break).
Bottom line is that I can stop searching for a better alto mouthpiece. This one is perfect. My “Professional Selmer Series 9” alto finally sounds like a professional instrument
. -Howard S., California






·         Beautiful warm, dark tone

·         Responsive

·         Free blowing

·         Excellent projection

·         Great intonation

·         Play tested

·         Facing measurements guaranteed.

Price - $275, $300 with Ligature and Cap.

Alto clarinet and Basset Horn mouthpieces are now available with ligatures and caps, the Rovner 2RS "Dark" model. The shopping cart contains buttons for mouthpieces alone, or with ligatures and caps.  


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