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The Virtuoso Clarinet Mouthpiece

**** News Flash ****

The Virtuoso Mouthpiece was a smash hit at ClarinetFest 2016!


Introducing my newest mouthpiece 

  • Bold
  • Rich
  • Full
  • Responsive
  • Fun to Play

It lets you play the way you want to!


The Virtuoso is the very best mouthpiece I know how to make. After eighteen years of  hand-finishing over 10,000 mouthpieces, I have put everything I know into this design.


This mouthpiece is for the most discerning orchestral clarinetist. Passages such as the ultra-soft solos in Tschaikovsky's Sixth, the rapid tonguing in Mendelssohn's Fourth, or the jazzy glissando in Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue can all be played with equal ease.

Design Features
  • Crafted with a hand-filed baffle for the best tone and response.
  • Available in one facing - 1.10 tip.
  • Optimized for Vandoren V12 #3 1/2 reeds.  May also be played with a #4 for a darker and even more focused sound.
  • Reduced Resistance, more free blowing!

Feedback on the Virtuoso is coming in:

.......I liked the Virtuoso from the first blow.  (I started with a V12 #4, and my first thought was that the mouthpiece was having a love affair with this reed.)  No hard work at all.......

........I wasn't in the market for a new mouthpiece, but the minute I tried the Virtuoso, I knew it would be a great orchestral mouthpiece for me. With this mouthpiece you have the tonal resources to soar over an orchestra, or almost disappear with a beautiful sound.........

.......I have been getting very good feedback (including unsolicited, which is always a good sign!) on the sound I am getting from your Virtuoso mouthpiece.....

The price is $310, plus shipping and, for Illinois residents, Illinois sales tax

   Available without ligature and cap, with Rovner 1R Dark ligature and cap, or with Rovner V-1R Versa ligature and cap.

Want to try one?

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To pay with a credit card, call me at 847-266-8644.