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The Virtuoso Clarinet Mouthpiece

A quick note on the availability of the Virtuoso mouthpiece - There are about 10 left. After that, they are gone forever!

 The Virtuoso is made from a highly-modified, proprietary blank manufactured by me by Zinner. 

The Virtuoso Mouthpiece was introduced at ClarinetFest 2016 where it was an immediate success. Since then, hundreds of mouthpieces have appeared in concert halls and opera houses throughout the U.S. and Europe!

Features of the Virtuoso mouthpiece 

  • Bold
  • Rich
  • Full
  • Responsive
  • Free Blowing 
  • Fun to Play

It lets you play the way you want to!


The Virtuoso is the very best mouthpiece I know how to make. After eighteen years of  hand-finishing over 10,000 mouthpieces, I have put everything I know into this design. 


This mouthpiece is for the most discerning orchestral clarinetist. Passages such as the ultra-soft solos in Tschaikovsky's Sixth, the rapid tonguing in Mendelssohn's Fourth, or the jazzy glissando in Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue can all be played with equal ease.

Design Features
  • Crafted with a hand-filed baffle for the best tone and response.
  • Available in one facing - 1.10 tip.
  • Optimized for Vandoren V12 #3 1/2 reeds.  May also be played with a #4 for a darker and even more focused sound.

Feedback on the Virtuoso is coming in:

.......I liked the Virtuoso from the first blow.  (I started with a V12 #4, and my first thought was that the mouthpiece was having a love affair with this reed.)  No hard work at all.......

........I wasn't in the market for a new mouthpiece, but the minute I tried the Virtuoso, I knew it would be a great orchestral mouthpiece for me. With this mouthpiece you have the tonal resources to soar over an orchestra, or almost disappear with a beautiful sound.........

.......I have been getting very good feedback (including unsolicited, which is always a good sign!) on the sound I am getting from your Virtuoso mouthpiece.....

Hi Walter!

Back in November, you kindly sent me two Virtuoso mouthpieces, one for Bflat Clarinet and one for Bass Clarinet! Iíve been meaning to email you to tell you how beautifully they play, so happy am I that I am just about to place an order for another Bflat Virtuoso mouthpiece!

Best wishes,
Colin Honour
Principal Clarinet, Opera North, Leeds, England.
Opera North
Anthony PikeVirtuoso mouthpiece is played by Anthony Pike, principal clarinet of the English Chamber Orchestra. 
Listen to Garrick Zoeter, Professor of
Clarinet at Shenandoah University, play the Virtuoso mouthpiece

Garrick Zoeter

The price is $310, plus shipping and, for Illinois residents, Illinois sales tax

   Available without ligature and cap, or with Rovner 1R Dark ligature and cap.

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To pay with a credit card, call me at 847-266-8644.