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The Virtusoso Clarinet Mouthpiece

Introducing a new mouthpiece





                                                          Fun to Play!

The Virtuoso

                              It lets you play the way you want to!


Available now, in limited edition, made to order.

This is, literally, the very best mouthpiece I know how to make. After eighteen years of effort and after hand finishing over 10,000 mouthpiece, I am pouring everything I know into this design.

This mouthpiece features a hand-filed baffle for the best in tone and response.

One facing - 1.10 tip

Optimised for Vandoren V12 4.0 reeds.  Also works extremely well with the Peter Leuthner French Cut  #4 1/2.


This mouthpiece is for the clarinetist who must play the ultra soft solos in Tschaikovsky's Sixth Symphony, the rapid tonguing in Mendelssohn's Symphony #4, and then rip through the glissando in Rhapsody in Blue. 

Price - $310, plus shipping and IL state tax (If a resident of IL).

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To pay with credit card, call me at 847-266-8644.





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