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The Virtuoso BassClarinet Mouthpiece

Introducing a new bass clarinet mouthpiece! 

  • Big, Bold, Rich Sound
  • Responsive
  • Fun to Play

It lets you play bass clarinet the way you want to!


Using the same techniques that make the Virtuoso Soprano Mouthpiece so appealing, I have created theVirtuoso Bass Mouthpiece. The idea is to have the biggest, boldest, richest bass clarinet tone possible, with a huge low register, without sacrificing any responsiveness or delicacy in the clarion register. I believe that this design fulfills that promise.

This mouthpiece is for the most discerning bass clarinet performer who wants to get the most out of the instrument and the music.

Sam Rothstein, solo bass clarinet with the Indianapolis Symphony said: "" I received the mouthpieces on Saturday, and am blown away......Thanks again for the amazing product. I played the first rehearsal for Daphnis on it today, and it was so comfortable and gave me the exact resistance I have been looking for".

Design Features
  • Crafted with a hand-filed baffle for the best tone and response.
  • Available in one facing - 1.85 tip.
  • Optimized for Vandoren Bass Clarinet V12 #3 1/2 reeds.

The price is $400, plus shipping and, for Illinois residents, 8% Illinois sales tax.

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 Virtuoso Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece -$400



  Virtuoso Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece, with Rovner Ligature and Cap - $425


To pay with a credit card, call me at 847-266-8644.