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Grabner HiTech

Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece


For the adult recreational player, a comfortable mouthpiece at an affordable price.

Finally a mouthpiece designed especially for the adult recreational player. With a relaxed 1.16 mm tip opening and a medium length facing, this mouthpiece is easy to play at pianissimo or fortissimo.

Discover a new ease of playing, in a mouthpiece designed for you, not for the major symphony clarinetist!

The tone quality is rich and full, but never too dark or tubby. Enjoy playing classical pieces, your band or clarinet choir music, or a little Artie Shaw or  Benny Goodman!

With a carefully proportioned chamber, the tuning is excellent. Designed to play at an A=440 level, it can also be played comfortably at A=442, with a one millimeter shorter barrel.

If you know me at all, you know that the response of all my mouthpieces is uniformly excellent.

It has a pleasant black silky finish.

Please note that is mouthpiece is not made from hard rubber, but from a polymer used in the 3D printing world. It is made totally by me, in my in-house printer farm. No other hands touch it, but mine, from inception to delivery. 

It plays well with a Vandoren V12 3 1/2 .

It also plays especially well with the Legere European Cut Reeds - size 3 1/2. The reeds fit the facing properly (or vice versa). In fact, I added an option for you to order a reed with the mouthpiece.

The future is here

The S4M Mouthpiece is $159.00. That is an amazing price for a hand finished mouthpiece. I can only say I use the precision and economies of  3D printing to the maximum.

Terms are the same - try one or more for a week, send back what you don't want to keep for a quick refund.

S4-EZ Clarinet Mouthpiece


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S4-EZ mouthpiece           

Legere European Cut Reed #3.50