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Grabner HiTech 

Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece 


This mouthpiece is an entirely new design.  It was developed exclusively for use with the Legere European Signature reeds.  If you use these reeds, you should try this mouthpiece. Important design characteristics, made specifically to enhance the use of these reeds have been carefully thought out and realized.

A 440.

It is now possible to order a Legere Signature European cut reed with your mouthpiece purchase.

These mouthpieces are optimized for use with the Legere Signature European Cut in the number #4 strength.  If you prefer to have it optimized to the #3 3/4 strength, please let me know when ordering.

It is still possible, of course, to use cane reeds with this mouthpiece, if necessary.


  • Warm, dark tone
  • Enhances your facility
  • Excellent intonation - including the altissimo
  • Fast tonguing is easy
  • Excellent dynamic range - can play very softly with ease.
To hear the S3M-LE mouthpiece, just click here

Legere European

Price -  $390.00

$415.00 with Rovner 1R Ligature and Cap.

$410.00 with Legere Signature European Cut Reed #4.

Terms are the same - try one or more for a week, send back what you don't want to keep for a quick refund.


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 S3M-LE mouthpiece - $390.00.


  S3M-LE mouthpiece, with Rovner 1R  Ligature    and Cap - $415.00.


  S3M-LE mouthpiece, with Legere Signature European Cut Reed #4 - $410.00.

Legere Reed