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Warm, dark, and deep.

This is the ultimate mouthpiece for the recitalist and chamber music artist. It offers a deep, dark tone with, perhaps, less projection but much warmth.

This mouthpiece features an exclusive baffle and side wall design that brings out all the depth and darkness possible, while maintaining clarity and warmth. Less projection, but more warmth.

One facing – 1.04 mm tip, medium curve. Use a Vandoren V12 3 ½ or equivalent.

Featured in the Kirov Ballet Orchestra, St. Petersburg, Russia, and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Mouthpieces can now be purchased with Rovner “Dark” Ligatures and Caps.

Price $225, $245 with Ligature and Cap

(For)….1 ½ years, I am a happy “Grabner” mouthpiece player (CXZ_AW_PERS). I have played the Mozart Concerto twice with it on my Leblanc bassett clarinet. …..besides all the orchestral solos with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, most recently the solo from Tchaikovsky’s Francesca da Rimini. I felt quite happy with its full rich sound……                                      - Kjell-Inge Stevensson, Principal Clarinet, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra



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