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Highland Park, IL 60035


Call me if you like to discuss this new mouthpiece - 847-266-8644

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Introducing A Special Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Just for ICA Plays Along 2021!


  • New Design
  • New Material

I am totally excited about this new mouthpiece. I designed it specifically for ICA Plays Along 2021! and it will only be available during the exhibition.

It is made by me, from scratch, in my new 3D printer farm in my home workshop.

No hands other than mine touch it until I am ready to send it to you.

The new material is outstanding and presents a colorful bouquet of tonal qualities.

I made on bass clarinet mouthpiece only. It is available for $200.

Great tone quality and intonatioin. Exceptional agility in the clarion register. Perfect mouthpiece for doublers, pit musicians, and casual musicians. Easy to play and extra forgiving for the embouchure.  

Optimised to play well with a Vandoren V12  #3-1/2 or a Legere Tenor Sax American Cut #3 to #3.25.

Introductory Price for ICA Plays Along:

Gold ONLY..........................................$200

This mouthpiece was digitally designed and manufactured to the most precise technical standards available.

It has been voiced, adjusted, and play tested by Walter Grabner for optimal performance.


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 PLA5 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Black-  $200