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 Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces

Prototypes Sale! 

I hope you find a great mouthpiece here.

Recently I made a bunch of mouthpieces, barrels, and bells from a lovely roll of blue/green filament. This may not be the filament I finally settle on, but this one is surely under my consideration, for both its beautiful color but also because of its wonderful acoustical properties.


Some of these came out really well, so I am offering them for sale, at a reduced price here. You can order with a click of a button.

The appropriate shipping charges will be calculated when you go through the check out process, whether or not you are U.S. based or International.

Sales tax for Illinois residents will also be calculated

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PB1 - Eb Soprano Prototype - $145

New design, with excellent intonation, and excellent response.
A 440

Plays well with Vandoren V12 3-1/2 

 PB1 -  $145


PB2 - Bb Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece - $145
This is a new blank design, very similar to my old CXZ_K14 mouthpiece. About a 1.10 tip opening.These mouthpieces are a lot of fun to play. Suitable for the pit or the concert hall. I am keeping one of these for my own playing!

A 440

Plays best with Vandoren V12 3-1/2 or
Légère European cut 3-1/2

PB2 - $145


PB3 - Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece - $225

Based on my B1C design. It is lovely in this incarnation.

A 440

Plays well with a Vandoren V12 3-1/2 reed.  

 PB3 - $225


PB4 Prototype Barrel - $65

Excellent barrel. 66 mm. Can be shortened if needed. Fits all Buffet R13, Tosca, Tradition, Vintage bores.

A 440

 PB4 - $65


PB5 Protype Bell - $160

This is my own design. Great projection. Focusd sound. Improves intonation.

A 440

Plays best with a Vandoren V12 3-1/2

 PB5 - $160


Click on View Cart to review your selections and proceed to checkout.