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Personally Selected Clarinets

See below for pictures and descriptions.

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 Personally selected clarinets *


I travel to Buffet USA Headquarters in Jacksonville, FL, where I personally select the best clarinets I can find. In a recent trip, I tested over 51 clarinets, over a period of 6 hours, picking only the best of the bunch. I usually pick no more than 10% of the clarinets I try.


My selection criteria:

  1. Beautiful tone - even and smooth throughout the range of the instrument
  2. Superior response
  3.   Outstanding intonation
  4. The very best grenadilla wood, free of imperfections.
  5.  The best hand-finishing


See below for the descriptions of some of these clarinets. The ones featured below are all set up and ready to ship!








Customer Quotes:

The 1193 arrived this morning, and I've been having a wonderful time; teaching my right little finger to go places no little finger has gone before. It's learning. A gorgeous horn, and the perfect mouthpiece for the clarinet and for me. The  response in the clarion register---formerly my problem area---is phenomenal. Many thanks for all your help and advice. I'm very glad I decided to order through you. H.G. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The Clarinet has checked out beautifully, just as you described.  I appreciate the service you offer in pre-testing this instrument from your professional standing, so that we were able to easily find what we were looking for.  We will gladly recommend you to all who are looking for a solid instrument.  All the best.  T. R. Toronto, Canada.


I needed a new R13 Bb and did not have the time to travel to audition a gaggle of horns for selection. So I took Walter Grabner at his word about "a new way to purchase Buffets." OK, I know that the service is offered by others, and I assume they are very good, but I had prior contacts with Walt and liked his service and style of doing business. So I placed a call and within days I had two marvelous instruments from which to pick.  I liked both, yet each had slightly different characteristics, as expected, and as indicated by Walter ahead of their arrival.  .. A week later I had my teacher try them. He recently went through the process of selecting from a very reputable dealer, so he knew what he wanted to find for me. Both instruments were deemed "great". One was a winner, based mostly on how I sounded on it. The other was clearly great, too. It would have been a keeper for my teacher had he needed one. I am pleased to recommend Walter Grabner for the purchase of new Buffets. A.S., PA.



Buffet Tosca Bb #692877


Superb Artist Level Instrument!!!

Buy now before the prices go up Jan.1!


This is a wonderful Tosca, with a rich powerful tone, fast response, and fine intonation. With its ease of projection, you will never have to worry about being heard.

Great clarinet for the Principal Clarinetist!

It has my highest recommendation.

Call for special inventory reduction price  847-266-8644