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Grabner HiTech

K Series Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece

  • K11
  • K13
  • K14


Back in 2006, I first released my K series mouthpieces: CXZ_K11*, CXZ_K13*, and CXZ_K14. They were an immediate success. Through 2018, when Zinner closed operations, I must have sold over 7,000 of these mouthpieces! They are literally all over the globe.

However, when I ran out of my Zinner blanks, I had to suspend production.

It has taken me three years, but I have finally been able to duplicate the touch and feel of these mouthpieces in my new medium.

The K11, K13, and K14 are based on the bore and chamber measurements of the old K series mouthpieces, assuring a rich, full tone quality and world class response.

Tuning is A 440. However, you can easily play at 442 with a 1 mm shorter barrel.

Recommended reeds:
  • Vandoren V12 -  3 1/2
  • Legere European Cut Reeds - 31/2 .

The future is here

The K11, K13, and K14 Mouthpieces are $275.00 each.

Terms are the same - try one or more for a week, send back what you don't want to keep for a quick refund.



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K11 mouthpiece - ECO-TECH  

K13 mouthpiece - ECO-TECH

K14 mouthpiece - ECO-TECH