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Dark doesn’t have to be dull!

CXZ_G11*  - the  original.

CXZ_G13* -  more open

CXZ_G13   -  most free-blowing


I designed these mouthpieces to have the richest, darkest tone I could devise.

To make this tone, I emphasized the lower harmonics and minimized the more shrill upper harmonics. Never stuffy, the richness of this tone extends throughout the entire range of the instrument.  Response is not compromised. The quickness of attack, a hallmark of all my mouthpieces, is never more apparent.

Extremely reed friendly, the facing of these mouthpieces has been meticulously designed and tested to work with the majority of commercially available reeds, including, but not limited to Vandoren V12, Legere Signature, Rico Reserve, Rico Grand Concert, and others.

Playing fatigue is not an issue as the facing is extremely embouchure friendly. Resistance versus response has been carefully balanced to give a feeling of freedom and ease of playing.

I developed these mouthpieces for the serious American symphonic clarinetist, who must play with a rich, warm, deep, dark sound; with great control; and project throughout the hall at any dynamic, from a whisper to a scream.

Try the new Grabner Style Mouthpieces. They represent the culmination of all my years of mouthpiece skill and knowledge.


Here are some reviews of the CXZ_G11* –


“The G11* tunes well, is very comfortable in both resistance and response and possesses a full and round center core of sound without being stuffy. Additionally, it makes legato connections in wide intervals much easier and has very stable intonation. I thought this mouthpiece was almost too good to be real, but after several performances in the orchestra I continue to be impressed. Bravo!” – John Kurokawa, Principal Clarinet, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.


“Walter, the mouthpiece (CXZ_G11*) arrived Saturday and I played it at a chamber music rehearsal for a composer's institute on Monday. What a wonderful mouthpiece, great work! I'll definitely be keeping it, thanks!” – Jim Nesbit, Virginia Symphony Orchestra.


“The mouthpiece (CXZ_G11*) just came in the mail a few hours ago. I am blown away by how easy and smooth my sound has changed from it. I cannot stress enough how connected and smooth my sound has become! The dynamics are amazing as well. The problem I was experiencing to cause me to search for a new mouthpiece has disappeared. I am not experiencing any accidental brightening of my tone, and I can project. Articulation has also become smoother, and lighter. I also want to point out that it has given me more control over my intonation, which I was not expecting.”


I received the mouthpieces and just wanted to tell you that the G11* is by far the best mouthpiece I think I’ve ever played………..WOW is all I can say!  It’s so velvety, like chocolate but still retains the ping in the sound…… I’ll be keeping the G11*…….”



Grabner 11* Facing - medium long, enhanced curve. Tip – 1.01 to 1.03

Grabner 13* Facing – medium long, enhanced curve. Tip – 1.06 to 1.07

Grabner 13 Facing – medium long, more relaxed curve. Tip – 1.07 to 1.10


Pitch:  440. Can be played at 442 with a shorter barrel.

Mouthpieces can now be purchased with a Rovner “Dark” Ligature and Cap, if desired.

PRICE:  $275, $295 with Ligature and Cap,  plus shipping and IL state tax (If a resident of IL)

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