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Grabner HiTech

Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece


Offered exclusively for Legere users!

Frankly, this mouthpiece is not for everyone.

However, If you don't mind a little innovation, it may be perfect for you.

It is made from my popular Radiance material. However, I use a different construction method which creates a crystaline, latticelike structure to the mouthpiece.

Light as a feather, it creates a tone that is the ultimate in smoothness and flexibility. You can play for hours, with little effort.

Depending on reed choice, this mouthpiece can be used for classical, jazz, or klezmer. Play Mozart to Gershwin to Dixie with equal facility and exquiste tonal control.

My hallmark is creating responsive mouthpieces. Fast tonguing, even double tonguing, is easier on this mouthpiece.

Designed, developed, and tested using the Legere European Cut 3.5 reed. 

It is manufactured, in my in-house printer farm. No hands touch it, but mine, from inception to delivery. This gives me great  control over the product.

The tip opening is approx 1.13. with a  medium length facing.

This mouthpiece was digitally designed and manufactured to the most precise technical standards. It has been hand-finished, adjusted, and play tested for optimal performance.

Quote from John Temmerman - Chicago Area clarinetist
I am really liking it.......warm and free blowing...... you have hit a home run again!

Quote from Zisl Slepovitch - Prominent NYC clarinetist:
"Today was a candy day, for my clarinet and, by association, for me: Time to unveil the mystery "adventurous" mouthpiece: it is Walter Grabner's new Crystal-Tech. Not only it is stunningly beautiful, it is also made with a novel, I quote "construction method which creates a crystaline, latticelike structure to the mouthpiece." I have been playing Walter's outhpieces since 2009......and it's been a blessing - to find equipment that really works for you. Every musician can relate. Today I got my first Grabner Hi-Tech mouthpiece (i.e. 3D printed), and it worked for me. Walter asked me if I wanted it to be on the darker or brighter ("klezmer") side. I went with the latter and I do not regret: Crystal Tech can go bright but never shrill, but it also can go *extremely* dark, like dark-dark-dark! As is characteristic of Walter's mouthpieces, Crystal-Tech has that complex "3D", extra voluminous quality to its sound that I have always appreciated."



Price - $195.00
Includes one Legere European Signature Reed 3.50 strength.

Terms are the same - try one or more for a week, send back what you don't want to keep for a quick refund.

Also, consider adding an exquisite CRYSTAL_TECH barrel. It contributes to the clarity and total presence of your sound! Shown below with matching mouthpieces in progress. 

Yes, your barrel can be delivered play tested and voiced with your mouthpiece if ordered at the same time. 

You will need to contact me on barrel length. Available in 64, 64.5, 65, 65,5, 66, 66.5.


Price - $95.00


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CRYSTAL_TECH Mouthpiece with one Legere reed 3.5

Rovner 1R  Ligature and Cap