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                                              Grabner Soprano Clarinet Barrel Shopping Cart

Below you can order Walter Grabner clarinet barrels with a click of a button.

The appropriate shipping charges will be calculated when you go through the check out process, whether or not you are US based or International.

Sales tax for Illinois residents will also be calculated.

All Wood Barrels are $150.00. Custom barrels are $175.

Click on “View Cart” to review your selections and proceed to checkout.







Grabner CUSTOM Soprano Clarinet Barrel. Indicate material and size to grabnerwg@gmail.com.


Grabner Soprano Clarinet Barrel 67 mm.


Grabner Soprano Clarinet Barrel 66 mm.


GrabnerSoprano Clarinet Barrel 65 mm


Grabner Soprano Clarinet Barrel 64 mm